MBG history



Following a long personal and family history of gynaecologists and an extremely personalised approach to medicine, in December 2006 Dr Xavier Marquès (Dr Vicens Marquès Bertran, Dr Leonardo Marquès Giraut) and Dr Marta García del Real (Dr Eduardo Garcia del Real) joined forces to create a new centre for gynaecology and obstetrics: MBG GYNAECOLOGY CENTRE, founded on fully personalised patient care combined with warm, humane treatment.
The centre opened in offices adjoining the former Quirón Clinic in Barcelona.

New additions and MBG move

  •  Dr Andrea de Sas, an experienced doctor with a family tradition in gynaecology (Dr Sas de la Encina), joined the team from another centre in 2007.
  •  Dr Alejandra Aliende also joined that same year.
  • The centre moved to offices in the new QUIRÓN BARCELONA HOSPITAL at Plaza Alfonso Comin 5; the new facilities meant an exciting new phase for the centre in terms of office space, capacity for growth and the ability to grow in new specialised fields, paired with the hospital’s updated facilities.

Growth of the MBG medical team

Dr Rosana Diaz, Dr Esther Muñoz and Dr Miriam Reig, OBGYN professionals specialised in a range of different fields, like pelvic floor surgery, HD ultrasounds, etc., joined MBG over the following years.
The secretarial and nursing teams have grown in step with the medical team, adding highly qualified staff that provides exceptionally humane care.

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